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Andreasen, Jens W.

Alternative Writings

Andreasen, J.W.

Similar Names

Andreasen, Jens Wenzel


Ando, Masahiko;   Berg, Rolf H.;   Breiby, Dag W.;   Bunk, Oliver;   Duffy, Claudia M.;   Gbabode, Gabin;   Geerts, Yves H.;   Hansteen, Fredrik;   Hawker, Craig J.;   Heintz, Christophe;   Hvilsted, Soren;   Ivanov, Mario T.;   Kolb, Ute;   Lazzaroni, Roberto;   Lohse, Brian;   Minakata, Takashi;   Mortensen, Kell;   Müllen, Klaus;   Nielsen, Martin M.;   Pisula, Wojciech;   Pouzet, Eric;   Ramanujam, P.S.;   Sirringhaus, Henning;   Vestberg, Robert;   Viville, Pascal;   de Cupere, Vinciane

Publication Titles

2005: In Situ Studies of Phase Transitions in Thin Discotic Films
2007: Self-Assembly of Uracil-PAMAM Dendrimer Systems into Domains of Micrometer Length Scale
2008: High-Mobility Aligned Pentacene Films Grown by Zone-Casting
2009: Homeotropic Alignment of a Discotic Liquid Crystal Induced by a Sacrificial Layer

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