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Andraud, Chantal

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Andraud, C.


Anemian, Remi;   Anemian, Rémi;   Baldeck, Patrice L.;   Barsu, Cyril;   Charra, Fabrice;   Collet, Andre;   Lemercier, Gilles;   Lux, Françlois;   Nguefack, Christelle;   Schull, Guillaume;   Stephan, Olivier;   Topcu, Suat;   Zabulon, Thomas

Publication Titles

1999: Engineering of transparent diphenylpolyene derivatives for optical power limiting at visible wavelengths
2002: Large two-photon absorption properties of polyphenyls and polyfluorenes
2006: Bifluorene Derivatives for Two-Photon Absorption in the Visible Range
2008: Self-Assembled Monolayers of 1,10-Phenanthroline Based Bis-Bidentate Ligands on Au(111)

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