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Andrä, Jörg

Alternative Writings

Andra, Jorg;   Andrae, Joerg;   Andrä, J.


Brandenburg, Klaus;   Garidel, Patrick;   Gerber, Sven;   Hawkins, L.;   Howe, Jörg;   Koch, Michel H.J.;   Milkereit, Götz;   Morr, Michael;   Müller, Mareike;   Seydel, Ulrich;   Vill, Volkmar

Publication Titles

2003: Physicochemical properties of bacterial glycopolymers in relation to bioactivity
2005: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of glycosyl dialkyl- and diacyl-glycerols bearing saturated, unsaturated and methyl branched fatty acid and fatty alcohol chains: Part II. Mesomorphic properties
2006: What can calorimetry tell us about changes of three-dimensional aggregate structures of phospholipids and glycolipids?

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