Index Name

Ando, Kyoshi

Alternative Writings

Ando, K.

Similar Names

Ando, Kiyoshi


Cho, Hyakuei;   Sugyama, Takashi;   Toko, Yasuo

Publication Titles

1996: Liquid crystal display with improved viewing-angle and its manufacture
1996: Manufacture of liquid-crystal display element
1996: Manufacture of multidomain-structure liquid crystal display device
1996: Multidomain-structure liquid crystal display device and method of aligning liquid crystal
1997: Liquid crystal display with improved viewing-angles
1997: Manufacture of liquid crystal display with improved pretilt angle


JP 08.152.636 (1996/06/11)
JP 08.184.835 (1996/07/16)
JP 08.184.836 (1996/07/16)
JP 08.240.806 (1996/09/17)
JP 09.061.822 (1997/03/07)
JP 09.061.826 (1997/03/07)

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