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Andersson, Martin

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Andersson, M.


Alfredsson, Viveka;   Birkedal, Henrik;   Boettcher, Shannon;   Currie, Fredrik;   Franklin, Nathan R.;   Holmberg, Krister;   Kjellin, Per;   Ostomel, Todd;   Palmqvist, Anders E.C.;   Stucky, Galen D.

Publication Titles

2002: Macroscopic Alignment of Silver Nanoparticles in Reverse Hexagonal Liquid Crystalline Templates
2003: Formation of Calcium Carbonate in Liquid Crystalline Phases
2004: Oxidation of Self-Organized Nonionic Surfactants
2005: Ag/AgCl-Loaded Ordered Mesoporous Anatase for Photocatalysis

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