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Andersson, H.

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Andersson, G.;   Andersson, Henrik


Ania, F.;   Gedde, U.W.;   Hellermark, C.;   Hult, A.;   Jonsson, H.;   Percec, Virgil;   Sahlén, F.;   Sundell, P.E.;   Trollsås, M.

Publication Titles

1991: Photoinitiated cationic bulk polymerization of mesogenic vinyl ethers
1992: Photocrosslinking of Oriented Liquid Crystalline Vinyl Ether Monomers
1992: Preparation of Ordered, Crosslinked and Thermally Stable Liquid Crystalline Poly(vinyl Ether) Films
1992: Preparation of ordered, crosslinked and thermally stable liquid -crystalline poly(vinyl ether) films
1993: Polymerization in the liquid-crystalline state of vinyl ether monomers
1993: Preparation of ordered and crosslinked films from liquid-crystalline vinyl ether monomers
1993: Synthesis, characterization and relaxation of highly organized side-chain liquid crystalline polymers
1994: Preparation of ordered and crosslinked films from liquid crystalline vinyl ether monomers
1994: Synthesis and photopolymerization of bifunctional liquid crystalline vinyl ether monomers
1995: Photopolymerization of liquid crystalline donor-acceptor monomers
1996: Preparation and characterization of crosslinked liquid crystalline polymer films as nonlinear optical materials
1996: Synthesis and Polymerization of Liquid Crystalline Donor-Acceptor Monomers
1996: Thermal reversibility of ordered, photocrosslinked liquid crystalline poly(vinyl ether)s


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