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Anderson, James E.

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Anderson, J.E.;   Anderson, James


Bos, Philip J.;   Cai, Chen;   Chen, Cheng;   Chung, David B.;   Fisch, Michael;   Hoke, Charles D.;   Kim, Julie;   Li, Jianlin;   Li, Quan;   Lien, Shui-Chih Alan;   McManamon, Paul F.;   Miranda, Felix;   Miranda, Felix A.;   Nose, Toshiaki;   Pouch, John;   Pouch, John J.;   Sergan, Vassili;   Wang, Bin;   Wang, Xinghua;   Watson, Philip

Publication Titles

1996: The high-field cured polymer networks in nematic liquid crystals
1997: The effect of polymer networks on the electro-distortional characteristics of nematic liquid crystals
2000: Methods and Concerns of Compensating In-Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Displays
2000: Vertically aligned pi-cell LCD having on-state with mid-plane molecules perpendicular to the substrates
2001: Study of relaxations in cholesteric liquid crystals after reduction of an electric field
2002: Long Term Bistable Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display and Its Computer Simulations
2003: Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) wavefront corrector and beam steerer
2004: Laser beam steering/shaping with LCoS 2D OPA for free space optical communication
2004: Spatial resolution limitation of liquid crystal spatial light modulator
2005: Modeling and design of an optimized liquid-crystal optical phased array
2005: Uniform Vertical Alignment of Liquid Crystal That Has a Large Negative Dielectric Anisotropy
2006: Improved liquid crystals for vertical alignment applications
2008: Anchoring transitions of liquid crystals on SiO x


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US 6.067.142 (2000/05/23)

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