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Andelman, David

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Andelman, D.


Ariel, Gil;   Burak, Yoram;   Guttman, Glen D.;   Kawakatsu, Toshihiro;   Kawasaki, Kyozi;   Lin, Chin-Yet;   Orland, Henri;   Schick, M.;   Seul, Michael;   Shafir, Adi;   Taniguchi, Takashi;   Tsori, Yoav

Publication Titles

1993: Electrostatic interactions in two-component membranes
1994: Phase transitions and shapes of two component membranes and vesicles II : weak segregation limit
1995: Domain Shapes and Patterns: The Phenomenology of Modulated Phases
2003: Parallel and Perpendicular Lamellae on Corrugated Surfaces
2003: Persistence length of a strongly charged rodlike polyelectrolyte in the presence of salt
2004: Polyelectrolyte adsorption: Chemical and electrostatic interactions
2004: Test-charge theory for the electric double layer
2006: Block Copolymers in Electric Fields: A Comparison of Single-Mode and Self-Consistent-Field Approximations
2006: Coarse graining in block copolymer films


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