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Ancian, Bernard

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Ancian, B.


Courtieu, Jacques;   Emsley, James W.;   Lesot, Philippe;   Merlet, Denis;   Sarfati, Muriel;   Smadja, William;   Timimi, Bakir A.

Publication Titles

1998: Analysis of natural abundance deuterium NMR spectra of enantiomers in chiral liquid crystals via 2D auto-correlation experiments
1999: Two-dimensional deuterium NMR spectroscopy of chiral molecules oriented in a polypeptide liquid crystal: applications for the enantiomeric analysis through natural abundance deuterium NMR
2000: Description of natural abundance deuterium 2D-NMR experiments in weakly ordered liquid-crystalline solvents using a tailored cartesian spin-operator formalism
2003: 2D-NMR Strategy Dedicated to the Analysis of Weakly Ordered, Fully Deuterated Enantiomers in Chiral Liquid Crystals

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