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Anakkar, A.


Alba-Simionesco, C.;   Babeau, A.;   Bougrioua, F.;   Buisine, J.-M.;   Buisine, J.M.;   Cluzeau, P.;   Daoudi, A.;   Delattre, T.;   Destrade, C.;   Foulon, M.;   Isaert, N.;   Ismaili, M.;   Joly, G.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   ter Minassian, L.

Publication Titles

1992: Piezothermal analysis of the NRe-SAd transition on small samples of p-cyanobenzoyloxyphenyl p-octylbenzoate
1994: First observation of a S{\sub C}-S{\sub A}-TGB{\sub A} multicritical point in a pure compound
1994: Re-entrant behavior in pressure-composition phase diagrams of liquid crystals
1996: Experimental observation of multicritical points with TGB phases on a pure compound
1996: High pressure studies on new chiral compounds exhibiting TGBA phase
1996: Thermobarometric analysis of new liquid crystal compounds: observation of multicritical behaviors
1998: Under pressure studies of TGB{\sub A} and TGB{\sub C} phases on pure compounds
1999: Experimental observation of multicritical behaviors in pressure-temperature diagrams of pure compounds with twist grain boundary phases
1999: Light induced shifts of ferroelectric mesophase transitions
2000: Multicritical behaviors and an induced twist grain boundary phase in a binary liquid crystalline mixture
2001: Influence of the thickness and polarization charges on the electro-optical behaviour of twisted smectic C* cells
2001: New chiral series with large tilt angle in the ferroelectric smectic phase
2001: Thermodynamics of two compounds of chiral non-symmetric dimesogens under pressure
2002: Chiral Azobenzene Liquid Crystals Under Illumination: Thickness Influence and Spontaneous Polarisation Variations


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