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Amos, Katherine E.

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Amos, K.E.


Bowers, James;   Brooks, Nicholas J.;   Bruce, Duncan W.;   Canales-Vazquez, Jesus;   Danks, Mark J.;   Heenan, Richard K.;   Jervis, Helen B.;   King, Nicola C.;   Seddon, John M.;   Xie, Songhai;   Zhou, Wuzong

Publication Titles

2005: Surface and Aggregation Behavior of Aqueous Solutions of Ru(II) Metallosurfactants: 4. Effect of Chain Number and Orientation on the Aggregation of [Ru(bipy)2(bipy')]Cl2 Complexes
2008: A systematic study of the formation of mesostructured silica using surfactant ruthenium complexes in high- and low-concentration regimes

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