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Amoros, Pedro

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Amoros, P.;   Amorós, P.;   Amorós, Pedro


Alamo, Jaime;   Beltran, Daniel;   Beltran-Porter, Aurelio;   Beltran-Porter, Daniel;   Beltrán, Aurelio;   Beltrán, Daniel;   Burguete, Pedro;   Cabrera, Saul;   Cabrera, Saúl;   Caldés, Maite;   El Haskouri, Jamal;   Fernández, Lorenzo;   Guillem, Carmen;   Journaux, Yves;   Julve, Miguel;   Latorre, Julio;   Lloret, Francesc;   Marcos, M. Dolores;   Morales, José Manuel;   Ortiz de Zárate, David;   Pardo, Emilio;   Roca, Manuel;   Ruiz-Garcia, Rafael

Publication Titles

1999: Interface Charge Density Matching as Driving Force for New Mesostructured Oxovanadium Phosphates with Hexagonal Structure, [CTA]xVOPO4.zH2O
1999: Synthesis of a New Mesostructured Lamellar Oxovanadium Phosphate Assembled through an S+X-I0 Mechanism
2002: Surfactant-Assisted Synthesis of the SBA-8 Mesoporous Silica by Using Nonrigid Commercial Alkyltrimethyl Ammonium Surfactants
2006: Ordered mesoporous silicas as host for the incorporation and aggregation of octanuclear nickel(II) single-molecule magnets: a bottom-up approach to new magnetic nanocomposite materials
2008: Nanoparticulated Silicas with Bimodal Porosity: Chemical Control of the Pore Sizes


Chem. Mater., 11, 1446
Chem. Mater., 14, 2637
Inorg. Chem., 38, 4243
Inorg. Chem., 47, 8267
J. Mater. Chem., 16, 2702

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