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Amis, Eric J.

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Amis, E.J.


Aklonis, John J.;   Bauer, Barry J.;   Douglas, Jack F.;   Gan, Lizhui;   Gan, Yaodong;   Gröhn, Franziska;   Grüll, Holger;   Gu, Xiaohong;   Han, Charles C.;   Hobbie, Erik K.;   Hsiao, Benjamin S.;   Hsieh, Eric T.;   Karim, Alamgir;   Kim, Ginam;   Meredith, J. Carson;   Nisato, Giovanni;   Shimizu, Katsumi;   Smith, Archie P.;   Wang, Howard;   Wang, Zhi-Gang

Publication Titles

1993: The degradation behavior of Vectra under supercritical conditions
2001: Hydrophobically Modified Dendrimers as Inverse Micelles: Formation of Cylindrical Multidendrimer Nanostructures
2001: Nanoparticle Formation within Dendrimer-Containing Polymer Networks: Route to New Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials
2002: Organization of Hybrid Dendrimer-Inorganic Nanoparticles on Amphiphilic Surfaces
2002: Phase Diagram of a Nearly Isorefractive Polyolefin Blend
2007: Effect of Temperature on the Morphology and Kinetics of Surface Pattern Formation in Thin Block Copolymer Films


Langmuir, 23, 12380
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Polym. Prepr., 34 (2) 480

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