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Ambs, Pierre

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Ambs, P.


Bigue, Laurent;   Bigué, Laurent;   Christnacher, Frank;   Fracasso, B.;   Hueber, Eric;   Jaulin, Albéric;   Kohler, A.;   Matwyschuk, Alexis;   Millán, María S.;   Otón, Joaquín;   Pérez, Joaquín O.;   Pérez-Cabré, Elisabet;   de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye, Jean-Louis M.

Publication Titles

1991: Joint transform correlator using nonlinear ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
2003: Analysis of an optical target tracking system implementing a snake-based segmentation
2004: Implementation of diffractive optical elements onto liquid crystal devices
2006: Characterization and applications of a pure phase reflective liquid crystal spatial light modulator
2006: Implementation of a high-speed imaging polarimeter using a liquid crystal ferroelectric modulator
2007: Spatial Light Modulators For Information Processing: Applications And Overview
2008: Compensation of inherent wavefront distortion in zero-twist LCoS spatial light modulators


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