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Ambrozic, M.

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Ambrožic, M.

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Ambrozic, Milan


Cvetko, M.;   Doane, J.W.;   Formoso, P.;   Golemme, A.;   Gollemme, A.;   Kralj, S.;   Ondris-Crawford, R.J.;   Slavinec, M.;   Sluckin, T.J.;   Svensek, D.;   Žumer, Slobodan

Publication Titles

1994: Pitch-induced transition of chiral nematic liquid crystals in submicrometer cylindrical cavities
1996: Chiral nematic liquid crystals in cylindrical cavities
1997: Anchoring and droplet deformation in polymer dispersed liquid crystals: NMR study in an electric field
1997: Nematic Liquid Crystal in Nonsperical Droplets: d-NMR Study in Electric Field
1999: Axially twisted chiral nematic structures in cylindrical cavities
2002: Smectic-A edge dislocations in a very thin cell
2002: Stability of a SmA Bookshelf Structure with Edge Dislocations
2004: Annihilation of edge dislocations in smectic-A liquid crystals
2009: Memory effects in randomly perturbed systems exhibiting continuous symmetry breaking


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