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Amaral, L.Q.

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Amaral, Lia Q.


Bittencourt, D.R.;   Bittencourt, D.R. Santos;   Figueiredo Neto, A.M.;   Gulik, A.;   Helene, M.E.M.;   Henriques, E.F.;   Henriques, V.B.;   Itri, R.;   Marcondes Helene, M.E.;   Mariani, P.;   Passos, C.B.;   Pimentel, C.A.;   Pinto, A.V.A.;   Rossi, W.;   Santin Filho, O.;   Taddei, G.;   Tavares, M.R.;   Teixeira, C.V.;   Vanin, J.A.;   Vila-Romeu, N.

Publication Titles

1979: Study of a magnetically oriented lyotropic mesophase
1980: On the possible formation of macromicelles in a lyomesophase
1981: Study of type I lyomesophases by x-ray diffraction
1983: Interactions between micelles in nematic lyomesophases
1983: Magnetic orientation of nematic lyomesophases
1983: On the existence of micellar positional correlations in a type I nematic lyomesophase: an x-ray diffraction experiment
1983: Study of a phase transition in a lyotropic liquid crystal of potassium laurate/potassium chloride/water by x-ray diffraction and optical microscopy
1983: Surface and magnetic orientation in a type II nematic lyomesophase
1984: The lower-temperature phase of a nematic lyomesophase system
1984: Transitions in a lyomesophase system: a study by thermal analysis and electron microscopy
1985: Transitions in a lyomesophase: a study by thermal analysis and electron microscopy
1987: New nematic lyomesophase of sodium dodecyl sulfate
1988: Nematic domain in the sodium lauryl sulfate/water/decanol system
1989: Characterization of lyotropic nematics in cylindrical capillaries
1989: Characterization of nematic lyomesophases by x-ray diffraction
1990: Bend and splay elastic constants in two nematic lyomesophases with sodium decyl sulfate and potassium laurate
1990: First-order transition between nematic phases in lyotropic liquid crystals
1990: Study of the isotropic-hexagonal transition in the system sodium dodecyl sulfate/water
1992: Micellar hexagonal phases in lyotropic liquid crystals
1992: The I-H{\f1 a} Transition in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
1993: Birefringence dispersion and inversion in lyotropic liquid crystals
1993: Micellar-shape anisometry near isotropic-liquid-crystal phase transitions
1996: 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
1996: Structure of the hexagonal phase of the sodium dodecyl sulfate and water system
1997: Change in Micelle Form Induced by Cosurfactant Addition in Nematic Lyotropic Phases
2000: Decanol Effect on the Structure of the Hexagonal Phase in a Lyotropic Liquid Crystal
2008: Mixture of changing uniaxial micellar forms in lyotropic biaxial nematics


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