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Amano, Sayaka

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Amano, S.


Ishida, Yasuhiro;   Iwahashi, Nobutaka;   Kai, Yukiko;   Kato, Syun-ya;   Matsuoka, Yuki;   Misawa, Aya;   Saigo, Kazuhiko

Publication Titles

2003: Template polymerization of columnar architectures based on the salts of a carboxylic acid and 2-amino alcohols: application to the molecular recognition of 2-amino alcohols
2006: Switching of Structural Order in a Cross-Linked Polymer Triggered by the Desorption/Adsorption of Guest Molecules.
2007: Solid-state hosts by the template polymerization of columnar liquid crystals: locked supramolecular architectures around chiral 2-amino alcohols
2008: Two-component liquid crystals as chiral reaction media: highly enantioselective photodimerization of an anthracene derivative driven by the ordered microenvironment

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