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Amabilino, David B.

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Amabilino, D.B.


Alonso, Ibon;   Beljonne, David;   Carbone, Dina;   Esquena, Jordi;   Etxebarria, Jesus;   Folcia, Cesar L.;   Glowacki, Ireneusz;   Goc, Faustyna;   Gomar-Nadal, Elba;   Gonidec, Mathieu;   Iavicoli, Patrizia;   Jung, Jaroslaw;   Kotarba, Sylwia;   Krause, Barbel;   Lazzaroni, Roberto;   Linares, Mathieu;   Luis, Fernando;   Martinez-Perdiguero, Josu;   Mas-Torrent, Marta;   Minguet, Maria;   Miskiewicz, Pawel;   Omenat, Ana;   Ortega, Josu;   Pintre, Inmaculada C.;   Psychogyiopoulou, Krystallia;   Puigmarti-Luis, Josep;   Ramos, Elena;   Ros, M. Blanca;   Rovira, Concepcio;   Serrano, Jose Luis;   Serrano, Jose-Luis;   Serrano, José-Luis;   Sierra, Teresa;   Ulanski, Jacek;   Veciana, Jaume;   Vilchez, Alex;   de Feyter, Steven

Publication Titles

1998: Long-Range Chiral Induction in Chemical Systems with Helical Organization. Promesogenic Monomers in the Formation of Poly(isocyanide)s and in the Organization of Liquid Crystals
1999: Chiral linear isocyanide palladium(II) and gold(I) complexes as ferroelectric liquid crystals
2006: Efficient High Area OFETs by Solution Based Processing of a .pi.-Electron Rich Donor
2006: Long-range effects of chirality in aromatic poly(isocyanide)s
2008: Chiral Expression at the Solid-Liquid Interface: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Self-Assembly of Chiral Porphyrins on Graphite
2008: TTF-based bent-core liquid crystals
2010: A Liquid-Crystalline Single-Molecule Magnet with Variable Magnetic Properties


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