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Altenbach, Hans-Josef

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Altenbach, H.-J.;   Altenbach, H.J.


Ellermann, Karl Heinz;   Meister, R.;   Poetsch, Eike;   Pudlo, Peter;   Stegemeyer, Horst;   Sucrow, Wolfgang;   Szewczyk, Dieter;   Winters, Rolf

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1992: Ferroelectric properties of liquid-crystalline SC phases induced by optically active cyanocyclohexylcyclohexanone derivatives
1992: Preparation of racemic and chiral oxocyclohexenecarboxylate esters as intermediates for liquid crystals
1993: Ferroelectric dopants for liquid crystal mixtures, the mixtures, and electrooptical displays using them
1993: Ferroelectricity of induced S*C phases with novel chiral dopants

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