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Alsina, M.A.


Alay, M.;   Barceló, A.;   Busquets, M.A.;   Cajal, Y.;   Carilla, J.;   Clausell, A.;   Haro, I.;   Larios, C.;   Mestres, C.;   Monells, G.;   Muñoz, M.;   Ortiz, A.;   Perez, S.;   Prat, J.;   Pujol, M.;   Rojo, N.

Publication Titles

2001: A view of three different lipid monolayers by atomic force microscopy
2001: Interaction of a hepatitis A synthetic antigen [105,109ABU]VP3(101-121) with lipid monolayers
2001: Interaction of polymyxin B and A deacilated derivative with monolayers of bacterial lipids
2004: Effect of Merocyanine 540 on Langmuir-Blodgett films and liposomes of zwitterionic, anionic and cationic lipid composition
2004: Interaction study of three overlapping synthetic peptides belonging to E2 protein of GBV-C/HGV with liposomes as biomembrane models
2004: Perturbations induced by synthetic peptides belonging to the E2 structural protein of hepatitis G virus (GBV-C/HGV) in lipid membranes: A differential scanning calorimetry study
2004: Physicochemical studies of E1(53-66) synthetic peptide by phospholipid monolayers and differential scanning calorimetry


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