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Alonso, Pablo J.

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Alonso, P.J.


Barbera, Joaquin;   Campillos, Eduardo;   Marcos, Mercedes;   Martinez, Jesus I.;   Omenat, Ana;   Oriol, Luis;   Pinol, Milagros;   Puertolas, Jose Antonio;   Serrano, Jose Luis;   Serrano, Jose-Luis;   Sierra, Teresa

Publication Titles

1991: Paramagnetic rod-like liquid crystals, bis[5-(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy)salicylaldehyde]copper(II)
1992: Dielectric and EPR measurements of a main-chain liquid crystalline polyazine. Advanced tools to study thermal behavior
1994: EPR study of a chiral metallomesogen. Bis{N-[4''-((2S)-chloropropoxy)phenyl]-4-(4'-decyloxybenzoyloxy)salicylaldimine}copper(II)
1994: Paramagnetic metal-containing mesogenic polyazomethines
1995: Paramagnetic nematic liquid crystals with an iron core
1996: Paramagnetic liquid-crystal side-chain polyacrylates containing Schiff base copper(II) complexes
2000: Copper-containing dendromesogens: the influence of the metal on the mesomorphism


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