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Alonso, Bruno

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Alonso, B.


Chiche, Bich;   Di Renzo, Francesco;   Douy, Andre;   Driole, Marie-France;   Fajula, Francois;   Florian, Pierre;   Galarneau, Anne;   Gaveau, Philippe;   Massiot, Dominique;   Mineva, Tzonka;   Paradies, Henrich H.;   Perez, Javier;   Petitto, Carolina;   Rager, Marie-Noelle;   Veron, Emmanuel

Publication Titles

2004: Morphological and textural control of spray-dried mesoporous silica-based spheres
2005: Synthesis of Discrete Micrometer-Sized Spherical Particles of MCM-48
2009: 14N and 81Br Quadrupolar Nuclei as Sensitive NMR Probes of n-Alkyltrimethylammonium Bromide Crystal Structures. An Experimental and Theoretical Study

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