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Alonso, Alicia

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Alonso, A.


Alape-Girón, Alberto;   Arrondo, Jose L.R.;   Arrondo, José L.R.;   Basanez, Gorka;   Basáñez, Gorka;   Contreras, F.-Xabier;   Durrani, Aziz A.;   Echabe, Izaskun;   Flores-Díaz, Marietta;   Goni, Felix M.;   Goni, Félix M.;   Goñi, Félix M.;   López, David J.;   Montes, L.-Ruth;   Requero, M. Asun;   Ruiz-Argüello, M. Begoña;   Sot, Jesús;   Urbina, Patricia;   Veiga, M. Pilar

Publication Titles

1986: Thermal behavior of acetylenic phosphatidylcholine liposomes and their photopolymerization products. A phosphorus-31 NMR study
1995: An infrared investigation of palmitoyl-coenzyme A and palmitoylcarnitine interaction with perdeuterated-chain phospholipid bilayers
1996: Different effects of enzyme-generated ceramides and diacylglycerols in phospholipid membrane fusion and leakage
1998: Effect of Single Chain Lipids on Phospholipase C-Promoted Vesicle Fusion. A Test for the Stalk Hypothesis of Membrane Fusion
2002: Sphingomyelinase cleavage of sphingomyelin in pure and mixed lipid membranes. Influence of the physical state of the sphingolipid
2006: Alkanes are not innocuous vehicles for hydrophobic reagents in membrane studies
2009: Phospholipase C and sphingomyelinase activities of the Clostridium perfringens a-toxin


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