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Almgren, Mats

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Almgren, M.


Alsins, Jan;   Bergenståhl, Björn;   Gustafsson, Jonas;   Larsson, Kåre;   Ljusberg-Wahren, Helena;   Medhage, Bo;   Mukhtar, Emad;   Rangelov, Stanislav;   Vethamuthu, Martin Swanson

Publication Titles

1980: Migration of pyrene between lipid vesicles in aqueous solution. a stopped-flow study
1991: Fluorescence quenching in three to zero dimensions: effect of dimensionality on a diffusion-limited reaction
1993: Phase structure of poly(oxyethylene) surfactants in water studied by fluorescence quenching
1996: Cubic Lipid-Water Phase Dispersed into Submicron Particles
1996: The hexagonal phase and cylindrical micelles in the system alkyltrimethylammonium bromide-sodium desoxycholate-water as studied by x-ray diffraction and fluorescence quenching
1997: Submicron Particles of Reversed Lipid Phases in Water Stabilized by a Nonionic Amphiphilic Polymer
2005: Particulate and Bulk Bicontinuous Cubic Phases Obtained from Mixtures of Glyceryl Monooleate and Copolymers Bearing Blocks of Lipid-Mimetic Anchors in Water


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