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Allgaier, Jürgen

Alternative Writings

Allgaier, J.;   Allgaier, Juergen;   Allgaier, Jurgen


Desmedt, A.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Frielinghaus, Henrich;   Jakobs, Britta;   Jansen, E.;   Mihailescu, Mihaela;   Monkenbusch, Michael;   Natkaniec, I.;   Pawlukojc, A.;   Prager, M.;   Press, W.;   Richter, Dieter;   Russina, M.;   Sottmann, Thomas

Publication Titles

1994: Synthesis and magnetic properties of mesogenic side-chain polymers containing stable radicals
2002: Neutron scattering study on the structure and dynamics of oriented lamellar phase microemulsions
2007: Methyl group rotation and whole molecule dynamics in methyl bromide hydrate

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