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Allen, M.P.

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Allen, Michael P.


Andrienko, D.;   Evans, G.T.;   Evans, R.;   Frenkel, D.;   Hess, S.;   Imbierski, A.A.;   Kivelson, D.;   Mulder, B.M.;   Patrício, P.;   Pinkevich, I.P.;   Reshetnyak, V.Yu.;   Talbot, J.;   Tarazona, P.;   Tasinkevych, M.;   Telo da Gama, M.M.;   Wilson, M.R.;   Zadorozhnii, V.I.

Publication Titles

1987: A molecular dynamics study of the hard dumb-bell system
1987: Observation of dynamical precursors of the isotropic-nematic transition by computer simulation
1989: Accuracy of Enskog theory for rotational versus translational motion: A molecular-dynamics study
1990: The effect of confinement on the isotropic-nematic transition
1991: On the anisotropy of diffusion in nematic liquid crystals: test of a modified affine transformation model via molecular dynamics
1992: Structure of trans-4-(trans-4-pentylcyclohexyl)cyclohexylcarbonitril e (CCH5) in the isotropic and nematic phases: a computer simulation study
1993: Computer simulation study of liquid crystal formation in a semi-flexible system of linked hard spheres
1993: Hard convex body fluids
1999: Simulations and theories of liquid crystals
2000: Introduction to simulation and statistical mechanics
2000: Modelling liquid crystal structure, phase behaviour and large-scale phenomena
2003: Forces between elongated particles in a nematic colloid
2005: Monte Carlo Simulation of Ferronematic Suspensions with Three Elastic Constants


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