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Ali-Adib, Ziad

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Ali-Adib, Z.


Aspin, Ian P.;   Barros, Ana M.;   Bomben, Andrea;   Booth, Colin;   Budd, Peter M.;   Clarkson, Guy J.;   Davis, Frank;   Fairclough, J.P.A.;   Gleeson, Helen F.;   Hodge, Philip;   Li, Hong;   McKeown, Neil;   McKeown, Neil B.;   Price, Colin;   Ryan, A.J.;   Stennett, Alexander S.;   Towns, Carl R.;   Treacher, Kevin E.;   Tredgold, Richard H.;   Tundo, Pietro;   Valli, Ludovico;   Yu, Ga-Er

Publication Titles

1995: Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of derivatives of .alpha.-olefin-maleic anhydride alternating copolymers prepared from olefins containing hydrophilic groups
1996: Examples of amphotropic polymers: monolayer film, Langmuir-Blodgett film and liquid-crystalline properties of some polymeric amphiphiles containing cholestanol moieties and those of some closely related non-polymeric amphiphiles
1998: A Study of Lyotropic Mesophases of Concentrated Solutions of a Triblock Copolymer of Ethylene Oxide and 1,2-Butylene Oxide, E16B10E16, Using Rheometry, Polarized Light Microscopy, and Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
1998: Molecular assemblies of novel amphiphilic phthalocyanines: an investigation into the self-ordering properties of complex functional materials
2000: Ordered Langmuir-Blodgett films derived from a mesogenic polymer amphiphile
2005: Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Preformed Polymers Containing Biphenyl Groups


J. Mater. Chem., 10, 2270
J. Mater. Chem., 6, 15
J. Mater. Chem., 8, 2371
Langmuir, 14, 5782
Langmuir, 21, 9199
Polymer, 36, 1707

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