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Alfredsson, Viveka

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Alfredsson, V.


Amenitsch, Heinz;   Anderson, Michael W.;   Andersson, Martin;   Arnebrant, Thomas;   Bojrup, Malin;   Cárdenas, Marité;   Diaz, Isabel;   Duan, Rui-Dong;   Flodström, Katarina;   Fogden, Andrew;   Jacob, Michael;   Keung, Michael;   Khan, Ali;   Kipkemboi, Pius;   Kjellin, Per;   Lindman, Björn;   Lindén, Mika;   Linton, Peter;   Monnier, Alain;   Nyberg, Lena;   Ohsuna, Tetsu;   Palmqvist, Anders E.C.;   Rennie, Adrian R.;   Sakamoto, Yasuhiro;   Schillén, Karin;   Schüth, Ferdi;   Stucky, Galen D.;   Teixeira, Cilaine V.;   Terasaki, Osamu;   Unger, Klaus K.;   Wennerström, Håkan;   Zackrisson, Malin

Publication Titles

1994: High-resolution transmission electron microscopy of mesoporous MCM-41 type materials
1997: Cubosome Description of the Inorganic Mesoporous Structure MCM-48
2001: Triblock Copolymers as Templates in Mesoporous Silica Formation: Structural Dependence on Polymer Chain Length and Synthesis Temperature
2002: Macroscopic Alignment of Silver Nanoparticles in Reverse Hexagonal Liquid Crystalline Templates
2003: Phase behavior and structure of amphiphilic poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide) triblock copolymers ((EO)4(PO)59(EO)4 and (EO)17(PO)59(EO)17) in ternary mixtures with water and xylene
2004: In Situ Synchrotron Small-Angle X-ray Scattering/X-ray Diffraction Study of the Formation of SBA-15 Mesoporous Silica
2004: Mechanism of Mesoporous Silica Formation. A Time-Resolved NMR and TEM Study of Silica-Block Copolymer Aggregation
2004: Time-Resolved in Situ Studies of the Formation of Cubic Mesoporous Silica Formed with Triblock Copolymers
2005: Cryo-TEM studies of DNA and DNA-lipid structures
2006: Transmission electron microscopy in formation and growth of ordered mesoporous materials
2008: Growth and Morphology of Mesoporous SBA-15 Particles
2008: Solubilization of sphingomyelin vesicles by addition of a bile salt
2009: In Situ Observation of the Genesis of Mesoporous Silica SBA-15: Dynamics on Length Scales from 1 nm to 1 Ám


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