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Alexe-Ionescu, Anca-Luiza

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Alexe-Ionescu, A.-L.;   Alexe-Ionescu, A.L.


Atasiei, R.;   Barberi, R.;   Barbero, G.;   Barbero, Giovanni;   Barna, Emil S.;   Barna, Valentin;   Bartolino, Roberto;   Beica, T.;   Bena, R.;   Bonvent, J.J.;   Cnossen, G.;   Cuculescu, I.;   Dascalu, C.;   Dias, J.C.;   Evangelista, L.R.;   Figueiredo Neto, A.M.;   Fontanini, S.;   Freire, F.C.M.;   Gabbasova, Z.;   Ghizdeanu, C.;   Giocondo, M.;   Ignatov, A.;   Ionescu, Andrei Th.;   Iovane, M.;   Kirov, N.;   Lavrentovich, O.D.;   Lelidis, I.;   Miraldi, E.;   Moldovan, R.;   Oliveira, E.A.;   Pergamenshchik, V.M.;   Petrov, A.G.;   Petrov, M.;   Ponti, S.;   Pucci, D.;   Rajteri, M.;   Sayko, G.;   Scalerandi, M.;   Scaramuzza, N.;   Scaramuzza, Nicola;   Skacej, G.;   Stoian, V.;   Strangi, G.;   Strangi, Giuseppe;   Strigazzi, A.;   Subacius, D.;   Teixeira de Souza, R.;   Vega, L.M.;   Versace, C.;   Versace, Carlo;   Ziherl, P.;   Zvezdin, A.K.;   van der Donk, T.H.;   Žumer, Slobodan

Publication Titles

1993: Flexoelectric polarization and second order elasticity for nematic liquid crystals
1993: Gradient flexoelectric effect and thickness dependence of anchoring energy
1993: Influence of the surface topography on the surface transitions in nematics
1993: Local and non-local terms in the elastic energy for piezoelectric materials
1993: On an orientation transition in nematic liquid crystals induced by the thickness of the sample
1993: On the temperature dependence of the surface elastic constant K13
1993: One- and two-dimensional deformations in nematic liquid crystals: influence of the flexoelectric polarization
1993: Some considerations on the influence of the flexoelectricity on the critical thickness of a hybrid, aligned, nematic cell
1993: Surface transitions in nematic liquid crystals oriented with Langmuir-Blodgett films
1994: Anchoring energy for nematic liquid crystals: contribution from the spatial variation of the elastic constants
1994: Measuring the birefringence of a nematic liquid crystal at temperatures very close to the clearing point
1994: Stochastic contribution to the anchoring energy: deviation from the Rapini-Papoular expression
1994: Surface elastic properties of nematic liquid crystals
1994: Temperature surface transitions in nematic liquid crystals. Elastic model
1995: Dependence of the nematic liquid crystal pretilt angle on the thickness of the orientation layer
1995: Dielectric relaxation investigations of new synthesized organo-metallic liquid crystal
1995: Influence of spatial inhomogeneities on the Fréedericksz threshold
1995: Landau theory for the surface induced order transitions in the nematic phase with hydrogen bonded molecules
1995: Langmuir-Blodgett film and nematic interface
1995: Lifchitz invariant in the elastic energy density for Langmuir-Blodgett films
1995: Transitions from smectic C to isotropic phase in an applied electric field
1996: Anchoring energy for the nematic liquid crystal-Langmuir Blodgett film interface
1996: Elastic theory for Langmuir-Blodgett films
1996: Nematic surface transitions induced by anchoring competition
1996: Surface fields and the splay-bend elastic constant
1997: Measurement of the splay-blend elastic constant in lyotropic ferronematic liquid crystals: the influence of the bounding surfaces
1997: Non-Monotonous Behavior of the Optical Phase Retardation in a Nematic Layer
1997: Subsurface deformations in nematic liquid crystals: the hexagonal lattice approach
1997: Surface Properties of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
1998: Bistable nematic azimuthal alignment induced by anchoring competition
1998: Magnetic field controlled optical phase retardation in a hybrid nematic cell
1998: Non-local description of nematic liquid crystals
1998: Order distribution function of a linear polymerized photopolymer orienting a nematic liquid crystal
1998: Surface-induced nematic order variation: Intrinsic anchoring and subsurface director deformations
1999: Nematic ordering in a cell with modulated surface anchoring: Effects of flexoelectricity
1999: Surface breaking in lyotropic nematic liquid crystals induced by a magnetic field
2001: A tool to control the nematic surface alignment: anchoring competition
2001: Effects of Charge Asymmetry in a Nematic Liquid Crystal in Contact with an Amorphous Tungsten Trioxide Layer
2001: Liquid-crystal-electrochromic-material interface: A p-n-like electro-optic junction
2002: Periodic deformations in nematic liquid crystals
2002: Statistical approach to the orienting photopolymer-nematic-liquid-crystal anchoring energy
2002: Statistical theory of the compensating effect when anchoring with two orthogonal photoaligned polymers
2003: Influence of an elastic deformation on the scalar nematic order parameter
2003: Role of Surface Order on the Total Electric Conduction in NLC Samples
2004: Fast electro-optic switching in nematic liquid crystals
2004: Role of Delocalized Electrons in Polyaniline-Nematogen Cyanobiphenyls Interaction
2005: Role of the diffuse layer of the ionic charge on the impedance spectroscopy of a cell of liquid
2006: Transient effects in electrolytic cells submitted to an external electric field
2006: Voltage decay time of a liquid crystal cell submitted to a large difference of potential
2007: Relaxation Times of an Electrolytic Cell Subject to an External Electric Field: Role of Ambipolar and Free Diffusion Phenomena
2008: Current measurements across a nematic cell submitted to an external voltage and its equivalent electrical circuit
2008: Reorientation effect on the current–voltage characteristics of a nematic cell
2008: The Role of an Insulating Surface Layer on the Relaxation Time of the Ionic Redistribution in an Electrolytic Cell


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