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Alexandrov, Anatoly I.

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Alexandrov, A.I.;   Alexandrov, Anatoly


Andruzzi, Fulvio;   Khodzhaeva, Valentina L.;   Konstantinov, Ivan I.;   Magagnini, Pierluigi;   Paci, Massimo;   Pashkova, Tamara V.;   Tassi, Eliana L.;   Yablonsky, Sergey V.;   Zemtsov, Lev M.

Publication Titles

1997: X-ray study of some liquid crystal homo- and copolymers
1998: Effect of the composition on the structure and ferroelectric properties of side-chain liquid crystalline copolyacrylates
1999: A new chiral LC acrylate that exhibits pyroelectricity
2000: New chiral LC acrylates: Polar ordering in crystal and smectic phases

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