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Alexandre, Stephane

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Alexandre, S.


Bouligand, Yves;   Cellier, Dominique;   Demarty, Maurice;   Gouesbet, Gerard;   Grant, Norman;   Grehan, Gerard;   Guespin, Janine;   Insinna, Ezio;   Le Sceller, Lois;   Maheu, Bruno;   Monnier, Chantal;   Norris, Vic;   Onoda, Tetsuo;   Orange, Nicole;   Oshima, Akinobu;   Picton, Luc;   Polaert, Hubert;   Ripoll, Camille;   Thellier, Michel;   Valleton, Jean-Marc;   Verdus, Marie-Claire;   Vincent, Jean-Claude;   White, Glenn;   Wiggins, Philippa

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1999: Hypothesis: hyperstructures regulate bacterial structure and the cell cycle

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