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Alet, Fabien

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Alet, F.


Hitchcock, Peter;   Jacobsen, Jesper Lykke;   Mila, Frédéric;   Misguich, Grégoire;   Moessner, Roderich;   Pasquier, Vincent;   Sørensen, Erik S.;   Troyer, Matthias;   Wessel, Stefan

Publication Titles

2003: Cluster Monte Carlo algorithm for the quantum rotor model
2003: Directed geometrical worm algorithm applied to the quantum rotor model
2003: Flat Histogram Methods for Quantum Systems: Algorithms to Overcome Tunneling Problems and Calculate the Free Energy
2004: Dual geometric worm algorithm for two-dimensional discrete classical lattice models
2005: Interacting Classical Dimers on the Square Lattice
2006: Unconventional Continuous Phase Transition in a Three-Dimensional Dimer Model


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