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Alcantara, Maria Regina

Alternative Writings

Alcantara, Maria R.

Similar Names

Alcantara, M. Regina;   Alcantara, M.R.


Correia de Melo, Maria Veronica Marques;   Fonseca Dias, Luis Carlos;   Marques Correia de Melo, Maria Veronica;   Marques, Maria Veronica;   Paoli, Vera Regina;   Vanin, Jose Atilio;   de Melo, Correia;   de Melo, Maria Veronica M.C.;   de Moura, Andre Farias

Publication Titles

1983: Cholesteric lyotropic mesophases based on potassium laurate: deuteron NMR order profiles
1983: New cholesteric and nematic lyotropic mesophases from disodium N-lauroylaspartate: NMR and textural investigation
1983: New cholesteric lyomesophases based on sodium N-lauroylaspartate
1984: New intrinsic cholesteric lyomesophases from potassium l-N-lauroylserinate. I. Type I systems: textural and magnetic characterization
1984: New intrinsic cholesteric lyomesophases from potassium l-N-lauroylserinate. II. Type II systems: unusual textural and deuteron NMR behavior
1984: Optical sign determinations on cholesteric lyotropic mesophases
1985: Electrolyte effects and charge balance on micellar nematic and intrinsic cholesteric lyotropic mesophases
1995: Interaction and orientation of a chiral solute in cholesteric lyotropic mesophases
1995: Rheological properties of lyotropic liquid crystals
1998: The cholesterization process on lyotropic liquid crystals studied by rheology
1999: Rheological data modeling though linear multivariate regression and response surfaces


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