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Alcantara, M.R.

Similar Names

Alcantara, M. Regina;   Alcantara, Maria Regina


Dias, L.C.F.;   Do Aido, T.M. Henriques;   Do Aido, T.M.H.;   Felippe, O.;   Paoli, V.R.;   Pereira, A.M. Galvao;   Pereira, A.M.G.;   Vanin, J.A.;   de Melo, M.V.M.C.

Publication Titles

1983: Microscopy and deuterium NMR studies on induced cholesteric lyotropic mesophases of potassium laurate
1990: Carbohydrates as inducers in cholesteric lyotropic mesophases
1991: Inducer chemical nature and the helical twist sense of cholesteric lyotropic mesophases
1996: Rheology and loss of mass in lyotropic liquid crystals

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