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Albinet, G.

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Albinet, Gilbert


Banville, M.;   Baret, J.F.;   Bois, A.;   Bois, A.G.;   Caille, A.;   Caillé, A.;   Casalta, L.;   Dupin, J.J.;   Firpo, J.-L.;   Firpo, J.L.;   Legré, J.-P.;   Tremblay, A.-M.

Publication Titles

1978: A theoretical study of phase transitions in bidimensional monolayers
1980: Landau theory for the gas-liquid transition in a monomolecular layer of amphiphilic molecules
1981: Model for the tricritical point of the chain-melting transition in a monomolecular layer of amphiphilic molecules
1983: Chain fusion and orientational ordering in monomolecular layers of amphiphilic molecules
1984: Liquid-expanded-liquid-condensed phase transition in amphiphilic monolayers: A renormalization-group approach to chiral-symmetry breaking of hydrocarbon-chain defects
1985: Description of monolayers of discotic molecules at air-water interface with spin one models including vacancies and nesting of pairs


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J. Chem. Phys., 74, 2569
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