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Albano, Ezequiel V.

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Albano, E.V.


Borzi, Rodolfo A.;   Horowitz, Claudio M.;   Loscar, Ernesto S.;   Rampf, Federica;   Romá, Federico;   Salvarezza, R.C.;   Solari, H.G.;   de Leon, Pablo F.

Publication Titles

2002: Interface dynamics for copper electrodeposition: The role of organic additives in the growth mode
2002: Interplay between jamming and percolation upon random sequential adsorption of competing dimers and monomers
2002: Numerical study of the development of bulk scale-free structures upon growth of self-affine aggregates
2003: Fluctuations of jamming coverage upon random sequential adsorption on homogeneous and heterogeneous media

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