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Alaverdyan, R.B.

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Alaverdian, R.B.


Akopyan, R.S.;   Alodjants, A.P.;   Alodyants, A.P.;   Arakelian, Sergei M.;   Arakelyan, A.G.;   Arakelyan, S.M.;   Aslanyan, L.S.;   Chilingaryan, A.D.;   Chilingaryan, Y.S.;   Chilingaryan, Yu.S.;   Drnoian, V.E.;   Drnoyan, V.E.;   Drnoyan, V.É.;   Galstyan, T.V.;   Gevorgyan, A.A.;   Gevorkyan, L.P.;   Grigoryan, D.Kh.;   Hakobyan, R.S.;   Karaian, A.S.;   Karayan, A.S.;   Kazaryan, R.A.;   Kazaryan, V.R.;   Kechiyants, A.M.;   Makarov, B.A.;   Makarov, V.A.;   Margaryan, V.V.;   Muradyan, L. Kh;   Nersisyan, S. Ts;   Nersisyan, S.Ts.;   Oganisyan, M.Zh.;   Oganyan, A.A.;   Papazyan, T.A.;   Saakyan, V.V.;   Santrosya, E.A.;   Santrosyan, E.A.;   Sarkisyan, K.M.;   Seferyan, G.E.;   Seferyan, H.Y.;   Smirnova, T.N.;   Vardanyan, A.S.

Publication Titles

1981: Liquid crystal-dye system in thermodynamic phase transition region
1983: Wave front reversal during superluminescence of a liquid-crystal dye solution
1985: Experiments on the optical bistability in a nonlinear system with distributed feedback
1985: Light-induced structural transformations in a cholesteric liquid crystal homeotropically oriented by surfaces
1986: Light-induced orientation effects in the photosemiconductor/nematic liquid crystal system
1986: Observation of internal optical bistability in a photoconductor-nematic liquid crystal system
1986: Optical anisotropy of a cholesteric liquid crystal with homeotropic orientation on the walls
1986: Orientational action of light on a liquid crystal near the instability threshold in an acoustic-wave field
1987: Instabilities and stochasticity in the experiments on director reorientation induced by light in liquid crystals
1987: Light-induced orientation effects in a "photosemiconductor-nematic liquid crystal" nonlinear system
1987: Observation of time instabilities during dynamic self-diffraction of light in an anisotropic inhomogeneous medium
1989: Light-induced modulated structures, intrinsic optical multistability and instabilities for the competitive wave interactions in liquid crystals
1990: Competitive wave interactions and instabilities in an anisotropic medium with threshold high nonlinearity; the role of molecular fluctuations
1990: Experimental demonstration of large aperture compression of short laser pulses in Bragg - resonance condition
1990: New laser media based on microporous glasses
1991: Laser-induced phase transitions in liquid crystals and distributed feedback-fluctuations, energy exchange and instabilities; squeezed polarized states and intensity correlations
1991: Liquid-crystal transparency for the wide-aperture compression of picosecond laser pulses and obtaining of the spectrally-limited radiation
1992: Nonlinear optical effects and "frozen" structures in liquid-crystal photopolymerizing composites
1992: Observation of light-induced hydrodynamic instabilitiesin a nematic liquid crystal in a single-mode laser beam
1992: Transverse effects and perturbations of space-time instabilities during laser interaction with radially oriented nematic liquid crystals in optical capillaries
1997: Thermomechanical effect in a hybrid-oriented nematic liquid crystal
1998: Observation of the effect of light-induced hydrodynamic re-orientation of nematic liquid crystals
1999: Thermomechanical effect in a planar nematic induced by a quasistatic electric field
2000: Hysteresis upon light-induced hydrodynamic reorientation of the director of a nematic liquid crystal
2000: Photoinduced thermomechanical effect in homogeneous nematics
2002: Instability of light-driven convective motions
2003: Excitation of convective motions in isotropic and anisotropic liquids by light
2004: Excitation of convective motions and surface hydrodynamic soliton-type waves in liquid crystals by a Gaussian laser beam
2004: Stimulation of Convective Motions and Hydrodynamic Orientational Surface Waves in Liquid Crystals by Laser Radiation with Gaussian Cross Distribution of Intensity
2006: Dynamics of Freedericksz Transition in the Oscillating Electric Field
2008: Influence of the layer thickness and concentration of dye molecules on the emission amplification in cholesteric liquid crystals


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