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Alaverdian, R.B.

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Alaverdyan, R.B.


Akopyan, R.S.;   Arakelian, S.M.;   Chilingarian, Y.S.;   Chilingarian, Yu.S.;   Drnoian, V.E.;   Gevorkian, L.P.;   Grigorian, G.L.;   Karaian, A.S.;   Makarov, B.A.;   Nersissian, S.Ts.;   Papazian, T.A.;   Santrosian, E.A.

Publication Titles

1989: Light-induced modulated structures, intrinsic optical multistability and instabilities for the competitive wave interactions in liquid crystals
1990: Large-aperture compression of picosecond laser pulses and bandwidth-limited radiation arising in a spatially periodic medium: theory and experiment
2001: Thermomechanical effects in the nematic liquid crystals

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