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Alamo, R.G.

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Alamo, Rufina G.


Chiari, Y.L.;   Haigh, J.A.;   Jeon, K.;   Mandelkern, L.;   Nguyen, C.;   Ritchson, E.J.;   Schwahn, D.;   Wignall, G.D.

Publication Titles

2000: Crystallization and melting of model polyethylenes with different chain structures
2001: SANS Studies of Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Heterogeneous and Metallocene-Based Linear Low-Density Polyethylenes
2008: Maximum Rate of Crystallization and Morphology of Random Propylene Ethylene Copolymers as a Function of Comonomer Content up to 21 mol %

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