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Alain, E.

Similar Names

Alain, C.;   Alain, Emmanuelle


Albiniak, A.;   Begin, D.;   Boudou, J.P.;   Furdin, G.;   Gerard, I.;   Mareche, J.F.;   Pajak, J.

Publication Titles

1996: Effect of graphite or FeCl3-graphite intercalation compounds on the mesophase development in coal tar pitch
1996: SEM observations of mesophase spherule formation during the pyrolysis of coal tar pitch in the presence of FeCl3-graphite
1997: Kinetics of mesophase formation from coal tar pitch and coal tar pitch-graphite/metal chloride mixture
1998: Effects of FeCl{\sub 3} (intercalated or not in graphite) on the pyrolysis of coal or coal tar pitch

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