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Al-Mamun, M.A.


Ahmed, Omar;   Ehsan, M.Q.;   Larsson, Kåre;   Mahmood, A.J.;   Siddiqui, S.J.

Publication Titles

1974: Phase behavior of the binary system tetradecyl amine-water
1977: Studies of the ternary phase behaviors of non-ionic emulsifier blends-oil-water systems
1982: Effects of the nature of additives on the ternary phase behavior of oil-water-nonionic systems
1982: Hydrophobic interaction in fatty acid-nonionic-water systems
1986: Interaction of nonionic and ionic surfactants in the presence of water as studied by ternary phase diagrams
1989: Hydrogen bonding interaction leading to the formation of liquid crystalline phases in surfactant-additive water systems


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Dacca Univ. Stud., Part B, 30, 7
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