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Al-Dujaili, A.H.

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Al-Dujaili, Amar H.;   Al-Dujaili, Amar Hani


Al-Ani, E.A.;   Atto, A.T.;   Badjah-Hadj-Ahmed, A.Y.;   Benalia, M.;   Djedid, M.;   Jenkins, A.D.;   Meklati, B.Y.;   Mustafa, I.F.;   Walton, D.R.M.

Publication Titles

1984: Liquid crystal polymers with tris(oxy-1,4-phenylene) units
1984: Liquid-crystal polymers with tolan units
1987: Liquid crystalline polymers. 1. Copolymers of 4,4-dihydroxytolan
1988: Liquid-crystal polymers with p,p'-bis(hydroxyphenoxy)benzene and p,p'-bis(hydroxyphenoxy)biphenyl units
1988: Liquid-crystal polymers with tolan units
1988: Liquid-crystalline polymers. 2. Copolymers of 4,4'-bis(hydroxyphenoxy)benzene
1989: The effect of chemical constitution on the mesomorphic behavior of tolan polymers
1990: Synthesis and properties of poly(imide esters) with mesomorphic behavior
1999: Synthesis and properties of some new pyridinium salt models and polymers
2007: Analytical study of three liquid crystals used as stationary phases in gas chromatography
2007: Thermodynamic studies of solutions of some alkanes solutes on two monomeric liquid crystals stationary phases


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