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Aksay, I.A.

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Aksay, Ilhan A.


Bhansali, S.H.;   Carbeck, J.D.;   Dabbs, D.M.;   Edler, K.J.;   Gruner, S.M.;   Hansma, P.K.;   Huo, Q.;   Jarvis, J.M.;   Manne, S.;   McGrath, K.M.;   Morse, D.E.;   Nakagawa, N.;   Navrotsky, A.;   Putnam, R.L.;   Ristenpart, W.D.;   Saville, D.A.;   Schaeffer, T.E.;   Stucky, G.D.;   Yao, N.

Publication Titles

1997: Formation of a silicate L3 phase with continuously adjustable pore sizes
1997: Gemini Surfactants at Solid-Liquid Interfaces: Control of Interfacial Aggregate Geometry
1997: Titanium Dioxide-Surfactant Mesophases and Ti-TMS1
2000: Silica Gels with Tunable Nanopores through Templating of the L3 Phase
2004: Assembly of colloidal aggregates by electrohydrodynamic flow: Kinetic experiments and scaling analysis
2006: Enhanced Resonator Sensitivity with Nanostructured Porous Silica Coatings


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