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Akopyan, S.A.


Arakelyan, S.M.;   Arushanyan, L.E.;   Chilingaryan, Yu.S.;   Kazaryan, L.A.;   Kochikyan, R.V.;   Lyakhov, G.A.;   Meliksetyan, R.P.;   Nersisyan, S.Ts.;   Vardanyan, G.A.

Publication Titles

1977: Efficiency of nonlinear radiation conversion by phase-matched third harmonic generation in a cholesteric liquid crystal
1977: Spatial coherence of laser radiation transmitted by a liquid crystal near its phase transition to the isotropic liquid state
1979: Tunable dye laser near a second-type phase transition point
1986: Reaction of mesomorphic compounds with benzoyl peroxide in benzene

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