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Akopyan, R.S.

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Akopyan, Rafik S.


Alaverdian, R.B.;   Alaverdyan, R.B.;   Arakelyan, A.G.;   Chilingarian, Y.S.;   Chilingaryan, Yu.S.;   Galstian, T.V.;   Galstyan, A.V.;   Grigoryan, D.Kh.;   Muradyan, L. Kh;   Nersisyan, S. Ts;   Nersisyan, S.R.;   Nersisyan, S.Ts.;   Oganisyan, M.Zh.;   Ovsepyan, V.S.;   Saakyan, V.V.;   Santrosian, E.A.;   Santrosya, E.A.;   Santrosyan, E.A.;   Seferyan, G.E.;   Seferyan, H.Y.;   Tabiryan, N.V.;   Tschudi, T.;   Vardanyan, A.S.;   Zel'dovich, B.Ya.

Publication Titles

1981: Liquid crystal-dye system in thermodynamic phase transition region
1982: Conservation laws and integration of the equilibrium equations of liquid crystals
1982: Optics of a chiral liquid crystal far from the Bragg resonance
1983: Effect of hydrodynamic motion on the development of orientational optical nonlinearity of liquid crystals
1983: Freedericksz transition in a nematic liquid crystal under the action of the field of the standing light wave
1983: Light-induced transformations near phase transitions between liquid-crystal modifications
1983: Nonlinear Fabry-Perot cavity based on light-induced Fredericks transition phenomena
1983: Orientational optical nonlinearity of a liquid crystal due to thermal convection
1983: Wave front reversal during superluminescence of a liquid-crystal dye solution
1984: Reorientation of the director of a liquid crystal by light near the threshold of roller-type convective instability
1984: Stability of the flow of a nematic liquid crystal along an inclined plane
1984: Thermomechanical effects in deformed nematics
1985: Critical behavior of orientational optical nonlinearity of a nematic liquid crystal at its flow on an inclined plane
1985: Light-induced structural transformations in a cholesteric liquid crystal homeotropically oriented by surfaces
1986: Effects of air currents on liquid-crystal orientation
1986: Optical anisotropy of a cholesteric liquid crystal with homeotropic orientation on the walls
1986: Orientational action of light on a liquid crystal near the instability threshold in an acoustic-wave field
1988: Opto-optical modulation under excitation of hydrodynamic motions in a liquid crystal
1988: Orientation-convective-thermal optical nonlinearity of liquid crystals
1989: Reorientation of the director of a nematic liquid crystal by way of an air flow
1993: Light-hydrodynamic reorientation of liquid crystals
1994: Instability and catastrophe in reorientation of the liquid-crystal director in quasistatic fields
1994: Optically induced hydrodynamic reorientation of liquid crystals and its applications for infrared detection and information storage
1997: Thermomechanical effect in a hybrid-oriented nematic liquid crystal
1998: Observation of the effect of light-induced hydrodynamic re-orientation of nematic liquid crystals
1999: Thermomechanical effect in a planar nematic induced by a quasistatic electric field
2000: Hysteresis upon light-induced hydrodynamic reorientation of the director of a nematic liquid crystal
2000: Photoinduced thermomechanical effect in homogeneous nematics
2001: Thermomechanical effects in the nematic liquid crystals
2002: Instability of light-driven convective motions
2003: Excitation of convective motions in isotropic and anisotropic liquids by light
2004: Excitation of convective motions and surface hydrodynamic soliton-type waves in liquid crystals by a Gaussian laser beam
2004: Fine Structure of Angular Selectivity of Diffraction Efficiency of Holograms Recorded on Materials Polymerized by IR Radiation


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