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Akimenko, N.M.


Chel'tsov, P.A.;   Dembo, A.T.;   Evdokimov, Yu.M.;   Kleinwächter, V.;   Lependina, O.L.;   Palumbo, M.;   Salyanov, V.I.;   Skuridin, S.G.;   Varshavskii, Ya.M.;   Yanovskaya, I.M.

Publication Titles

1983: Effect of some biologically active compounds of divalent platinum on properties of liquid crystal microphase of DNA
1984: Liquid-crystal microphases of low-molecular-weight double-stranded nucleic acids and synthetic polynucleotides
1985: External chromophores and intensive bands in the circular dichroism spectra of nucleic acids liquid crystal microphases
1986: Influence of mercuration of double-stranded DNA and RNA on optical activity of their liquid crystalline microphases

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