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Ajeetha, N.


Baskaran, G. Sahaya;   Ojha, D.P.;   Ojha, Durga P.;   Pisipati, V.G.K.M.;   Pisipati, Venkata G.K.M.;   Potukuchi, D.M.;   Prasad, P.V. Datta;   Praveen, P. Lakshmi;   Praveen, P.L.;   Rao, M. Ramakrishna Nanchara;   Reddy, K. Veera Bhadra;   Reddy, K. Veerabhadra;   Srinivas, G.;   Umamaheswari, U.

Publication Titles

2003: Computer simulations of molecular ordering in disubstituted biphenylcyclohexanes (BCHs) at phase transition temperature
2003: The influence of the position of oxygen on the phase behaviour of benzylidene anilines
2005: Influence of oxygen in lower homologues of Schiff-base compounds: a comparative study
2005: Phase transitions and pre-transitional effects in N-(p-n-pentylbenzylidene)-p-n-pentylaniline (5.5) and its oxygen derivatives - A dilatometric study.
2005: Synthesis and characterization of homologues of N-(p-n-alkylbenzylidene)-p-n-alkyl anilines (n.m's). A comparative study
2006: Role of dielectric medium on 4-methoxybenzylidene-4'- acetoxyaniline (MBAA) - a computational analysis
2006: Synthesis, Characterization, and Dilatometric Studies on N-(p-n-Alkoxybenzylidene)-p-n-pentyloxyanilines Compounds
2008: Molecular ordering in 5OCB based on quantum mechanics and intermolecular forces- a computational analysis
2008: Molecular organization in liquid crystals: A comparative computational analysis
2008: Role of Position of Oxygen on Benzylidene Anilines: The Effect of End Chain
2008: The influence of oxygen on phase behaviour of benzylidene aniline - a DSC characterization
2009: Computational analysis of ordering in non-liquid crystalline versus liquid crystalline materials with special reference to nBAC
2009: Influence of Oxygen on Phase Behavior of N(p-n-Octyloxy Benzylidene) p-n-Alkoxy Anilines: A Comparative Study
2009: Ordering in smectogenic Schiff base compound: A computational analysis based in intermolecular interactions
2009: Role of dielectric medium on benzylidene aniline: A computational analysis
2010: Ordering in homologous series of 4'-n-alkyl-4-cyanobiphenyl (nCB)-A comparative computational study


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