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Ajdari, Armand

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Ajdari, A.


Bartolo, Denis;   Bazant, Martin Z.;   Bocquet, Lydéric;   Brunet, Edouard;   Derec, Caroline;   Ducouret, Guylaine;   Fournier, Jean-Baptiste;   Golestanian, Ramin;   Lequeux, François;   Picard, Guillemette;   Thornton, Katsuyo

Publication Titles

2001: Casimir torques between anisotropic boundaries in nematic liquid crystals
2002: Fluctuations of Fluctuation-Induced Casimir-Like Forces
2002: Simple model for heterogeneous flows of yield stress fluids
2003: Aging and nonlinear rheology in suspensions of polyethylene oxide-protected silica particles
2003: Effective interactions between inclusions in complex fluids driven out of equilibrium
2004: Diffuse-charge dynamics in electrochemical systems
2004: Generalized Onsager relations for electrokinetic effects in anisotropic and heterogeneous geometries


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