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Aikens, Patricia A.

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Aikens, P.A.


Al-Bawab, Abeer;   Barber, Jennifer L.;   Fei, Lin;   Friberg, Stig E.;   Greenshields, James N.;   Holbrey, John D.;   Li, Fang;   Li, Gan-Zuo;   Mackay, Raymond A.;   Patel, Ramesh;   Pavel, Florentina;   Rong, Guo;   Sandburg, Joel D.;   Seddon, Kenneth R.;   Yang, Jun;   Yin, Qi;   Zhang, Zhiqiang

Publication Titles

1996: Complex Lamellar Structure of Polyoxyethylene 20 Sorbitan Oleate and a Fatty Acid/Lecithin Lamellar Liquid Crystal
1997: Vapor pressure of phenethyl acetate in the system with water, and polyoxyethylene, 4, lauryl ether
1997: Vapor pressures of organic solvents in amphiphilic association systems
1998: Formation kinetics and stability of surfactant vesicles
1998: Phase equilibria in the systems of acetic and glycolic acid with water and Laureth 4
1999: Phase behavior of a fragrance compound system: water-phenethyl alcohol-Laureth 4-glycerol
1999: Polymeric surfactants based on oleic acid. II. Copolymerization of sodium acrylamidostearate and 10-undecen-1-ol in a lamellar liquid crystal
1999: Stability factors and vapor pressures in a model fragrance emulsion system
2000: Solubilization of an ionic liquid, 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate, in a surfactant-water system
2000: Vapor pressures of phenethyl alcohol in the system water-phenethyl alcohol and the triblock copolymer EO4.5PO4.5EO4.5


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