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Aiello, S.


Abbadessa, V.;   Baruchello, R.;   Cavallini, S.;   Crosta, L.;   Di Cristina, A.;   Gebbia, N.;   Giannini, G.;   Grimaudo, S.;   Grisolia, G.;   Invidiata, F.P.;   Marino, S.;   Roberti, M.;   Rondanin, R.;   Rossi, M.;   Simoni, D.;   Siniscalchi, A.;   Tolomeo, M.

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2005: Studies on the Apoptotic Activity of Natural and Synthetic Retinoids: Discovery of a New Class of Synthetic Terphenyls That Potently Support Cell Growth and Inhibit Apoptosis in Neuronal and HL-60 Cells

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